Creating a New Clean Energy Economy at Speed and Scale, Aspen Aug 21, 2010

Americans pay $300 billion a year for foreign fossil fuel, with evidence that much of this funds the very enemies we are paying tax money to fight against. 53% or more of the Federal Budget in fact, including our discretionary budget. In short, we are funding the dark side of humanity who are not “our friends, and who do not share the values our founders fought so hard to defend. This $300 billion does not create new jobs, fight poverty, protect the planet’s resources, stop violence, improve world health or educate our children. And let’s face it, there is no fossil fuel left to speak of, in the the continental US. The AREDAY 2010 conference. Creating a New Clean Energy Economy at Speed and Scale here in Aspen is proving in under 4 days, how we can stop this immoral activity that will deny our children of a safe and healthy world.

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