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A group of world-class media professionals banded together in 1999 to offer unprecedented marketing support to products, brands, and services that were committed to safe environmental practices.

Earth's Production studio, eFlicks Media creates compelling brand identity in rich media with messaging, design, interactive web tools, games, publicity and pr, advertising, trade show, CSR reports, internet sites and multi-media campaigns that win the hearts of the public, and win awards in media for excellence in communication.

Many of today's biggest names in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) from organic food, to clean energy, non-toxic cleaners, new transportation and SRI, were launched with Earth Advertising, and continue to receive support in imaginative applications of media.

We believe that the healthy growth of environmentally conscious enterprises makes healthy customers. We promote clients of all sizes, the biggest one of all being The Earth.

Martha Shaw

Martha Shaw, Creative Director, is the founder of Earth Advertising and eFlicks Media production studio, and the creator of media campaigns for many of the eco-preneurial companies that have shaped our time. Included in these are Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt, ZipCar, Green Apple Cleaners, Sundance Investing in Media that Matters, and her recent web series: "Selling without Selling Out", Lessons From Founders of Socially Responsible Businesses Bought by Multinationals. Prior to founding Earth Adv to help promote responsible corporate practices, Martha served as Executive Creative Director on multinational brands around the world for which she won international creative awards including Adweek All-Star. She is a Fellow of The Explorers Clubs, founding member of the Sustainable Business Network of NYC (the local chapter of BALLE) and the NY Solar Energy Society. Martha holds a Masters in Geology and Ocean Sciences. She was a coastal geologist at Scripps Oceanography when she began a career in media on Walter Cronkite's CBS Universe Series. (PORTFOLIO)

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross, Communications Director, has held key communication positions in the public and private sectors for over 25 years, including Head of Program Marketing and Communications at Environmental Defense Fund and senior public relations posts with PepsiCo International and Foote, Cone & Belding Advertising. A lifelong environmentalist, Stuart began his career with a master’s degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Nancy L. Orem
Nancy Orem Lyman, Brand Marketing Director, is a strategic thinker who draws on over 20 years of broad-based marketing, advertising, and not-for-profit experience across a range of industries and organizations. She has worked as an account executive at the most respected ad agencies in the world, including JWT. Nancy has a strong background in partnership building, social program creation and public/private collaborations, and has been a powerful voice in the dialogue around environmental justice, women, and climate change.

Diane Strack
Diane Strack, Projects Director, has brought hundreds of interactive products to the marketplace for companies such as AT&T, Simon & Schuster, and Paramount. She has worked with start-ups and not-forprofits to strengthen their use of technology and communications. Diane is a pro at engaging whole communities around projects in web-based multimedia, and for keeping projects running on time, and on budget.