CSRwire News Category Sponsors Show Good Corporate Citizenship

CSRwire News Category Sponsors- Show Good Corporate Citizenship


Sponsors include Harvard (HBS), Hershey, Avon, MBDC, PepsiCo Canada, Anvil, Cone and Entergy

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Posted: Sep 24, 2010 – 05:18 PM EST

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Sep. 24 /CSRwire/ – CSRwire, the world’s most comprehensive and widely-distributed news and information service on corporate social responsibility (CSR), announces this month’s sponsors in the categories of Academia, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, Green Products and Services, Health and Wellness, Philanthropy and Corporate Contributions, and Sustainability. These categories serve as unique information hubs for key CSR-related news items.

CSRwire Academia sponsor: Harvard Business School Executive Education

CSRwire is proud to have Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education sponsoring the prestigious Academia category through October 15. This category draws global attention and rich content from communities of all disciplines engaged in higher education and research.

HBS Executive Education emphasizes the alignment of CSR with business strategy. The HBS CSR program helps professionals to define priorities and integrate social responsibility into business practices.

CSRwire Corporate Social Responsibility sponsor: The Hershey Company

The Corporate Social Responsibility category has become the foremost worldwide hub for news concerning the integration of business operations with the values reflected in company policies. CSR respects the interests of all stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees and the global community.

The Hershey Company’s commitment to conducting business in a socially responsible manner is demonstrated in its recently published 2009 CSR report.

CSRwire Environment sponsor: Avon Products, Inc.

CSRwire publishes a wide range of content in its Environment category, addressing the complex web of physical, chemical, biological, social and cultural conditions that influence eco-systems and planetary health.

Avon’s dedication to supporting women touches not only beauty, but also health, fitness, self-empowerment and financial independence. Avon’s commitment to global environmental stewardship extends throughout its business enterprise, capped off by the Hello Green Tomorrow program, which seeks to empower a global women’s movement to protect South America’s Atlantic Rainforest.

CSRwire Green Products and Services sponsor: MBDC

New ideas and eco-innovations from around the globe are showcased in the Green Products and Services category. Products noted in this section are produced and processed in compliance with laws, regulations and agreements that exclude environmental and community degradation. The services aspect includes firms that are dedicated to implementing programs in support of good corporate citizenship.

MBDC, sponsor of the month, is one of the earliest-established global sustainability consulting and product certification firms, founded in 1995. MBDC has been consulting with clients to integrate the Cradle to Cradle® framework to optimize product life cycles, organizational operations, and eliminate the concept of waste.

CSRwire Health and Wellness sponsor: PepsiCo Canada

The Health and Wellness category features a diverse and comprehensive repertoire of content on health and well-being. Topics include conditions of the body and minds, which are inextricably tied to environmental, physical, psychological, cultural and social factors.

Category sponsor this month is PepsiCo Canada, which is playing a responsible and supportive role in the health and wellness of Canadians by providing tools to make it easier to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

CSRwire Human Rights sponsor: Anvil

As the leading source of information for news regarding the rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, the Human Rights category is proudly supported by Anvil Knitwear, Inc., maker of earth-friendly sportswear.

Anvil employees over 4,000 people and works to create an environment where its employees can ‘grow, speak out and feel proud.’ As a major proponent for corporate transparency, Anvil is helping to shed light on human rights issues.

CSRwire Philanthropy and Corporate Contributions sponsor: Cone

The Philanthropy and Corporate Contributions category has become the Internet’s most reliable source of information on topics and issues related to philanthropy and charitable investments that support the common good. Topics include updates on programs, news and information regarding corporate donations of funds, time, resources and in-kind services to charitable, non-profit and community initiatives.

The sponsor this month is Cone, a strategy and communications agency engaged in building brand trust. For 30 years, Cone has been at the forefront of creating and implementing innovative cause and citizenship initiatives for companies and non-profit organizations.

CSRwire Sustainability sponsor: Entergy

The news and information in the content-rich Sustainability category pertains to policies and actions that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own ecological, economic and energy needs.

Category sponsor Entergy Corporation is an integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. Entergy ‘believes that inspiration leads to change, that teamwork overcomes adversity and that the efforts of a single individual, linked with those of many others, can leave a permanent footprint in the hearts and minds of communities we serve.’

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